August 1, 2014

Full Product Name:
Grundfos UP10-16 B5/ATLC 1/33 Horsepower UP10 Comfort Series Recirculating Pump, Sweat

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  • ATLC = Aquastat, Timer, Line Cord
  • Flow range: 0- 3 U.S. GPM, Head range: 0- 5.5-Feet
  • Motors: Single Phase, 115V
  • Connection: 1/2-Inch Copper Pipe, Female sweat fittings
  • Maintenance-free, low energy consumption, easy to install, quiet running
  • Size: 6.5 x 10 inches
    Weight: 3.2 pounds

Recent Review Summaries:
-Got this to replace the original model of this pump, installed 10 years ago, with no clock and no temperature control. Was easy to swap out, simply unscrew the plastic bottom on the existing and new pumps, and screw on the new plastic assembly to the old brass piece soldered into the existing hot water recirculating pipe. One thing to remember is if your electricity goes off, if you have this pump “programmed” (by depressing small metal tabs- which is easy and reliable)to be off for hours you are usually not home, you will need to reset the clock (which is also easy). The temperature switch (rotating knob)also works really well to turn off the pump when the return hot water temperature is near but slightly less than the water tank temperature setting. That is easy to set: Start with the knob rotated to the highest temperature so the pump runs all the time. Then with your hot water tank temperature set at the temperature you desire, and then after you have not been using your hot water for an hour or more, SLOWLY rotate the pump temperature setting to a lower temperature until it just turns off the pump. That will optimize having water in the pipes in the house, near the maximum hot water temperature that is set to come from your tank. See how the recirculating water feels at the faucet after not using the water for several hours, such as after sleeping. If you want to save a bit more on hot water energy consumption, you can ever-so-slightly again lower the temperature setting on the pump and feel the water again after sleeping.

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