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Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner Digital Fuel Processor for 2009-2012 Yamaha V-Star 9

On Sale Feb 13th 2016:

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  • New patented technology unlike any other auto tune system on the market
  • Tunes to exactly what air-fuel mixture creates the maximum power 80 times per second (not to some arbitrary AFR someone has picked).
  • It’s like having the best custom map writing, dyno operator tuning your fuel every time you crank the throttle
  • Tunes every gear, every roll on, every enviromental change, every engine mod, lugging the engine, winding it out to redline: it reacts, verifies and adjusts
  • No dyno testing to determine the right map
  • Size: 10 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Cobra
  • Model: Cobra Fi2000R

Recent Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Review Summaries:

Bought a 2009 Yamaha V Star 950 not long ago. The former owner installed some Cobra slashdowns on it. Sounded great, but tended to backfire when coming off the throttle. So, I picked up a Cobra Fi2000R PowerPro Tuner and got it installed. Throttle response was noticeably improved. From a dead stop, I used to have to give the throttle quite a twist to get rolling. Now, even the slightest twist has the bike ready to go. Steady throttle is a lot smoother than it was. Letting off the throttle doesn’t cause backfiring anymore. Plenty of passing power in 5th gear. It’s really dialed up my bike’s performance level.

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