July 30, 2014

Full Product Name:
Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) 692-1615AT

On Sale Apr 19th 2015
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  • New patented technology unlike any other auto tune system on the market
  • Tunes to exactly what air-fuel mixture creates the maximum power 80 times per second (does not tune to some arbitrary AFR someone has picked)
  • Creates that adjustment to maximum power on every squirt of the injector
  • It is like having the best custom map writing, dyno operator tuning your fuel every time you crank the throttle
  • Tunes every gear, every roll on, every environmental change, every engine modification, lugging the engine, winding it out to redline: it reacts, verifies and adjusts
  • Size: 10 x 8.5 x 3.7 inches
    Weight: 1.9 pounds
    Manufacturer: Cobra

Recent Review Summaries:
-This thing is worth every penny!! The product does exactly what it professes. It took me just over 30 minutes to install on my 2011 Ultra Limited. Everything is clearly marked and the directions are very easy to read and understand. Started it up and took it for a ride and immediately noticed a difference. Smooth acceleration and still some, but not nearly as much backfire. It takes about an hour or so of riding before the tuner starts learning, but the entire time you can feel the performance getting better. First through fourth gears you really notice the increase in power laying on the throttle until you reach about 60 mph. And the smoothness that the bike has now is almost unexplainable. I read as many reviews as I could before purchasing Corbra PowerPro Tuner and one thing that I really noticed that I read in a few reviews is how the bike seems to run cooler. It does seem to run much cooler. All I can say is this…..until you install one of these on your Harley you really haven’t experienced how the bike should run. Guess I should mention I have Cobra slip on tri-oval mufflers and a screaming eagle air cleaner.

I had the bike on the dyno at my local Harley dealer when I first bought it when I added the new pipes and it cost me $250.00 not to mention the Screaming Eagle tuner is $300 bucks. I paid $430 for the PowerPro from Amazon…you do the math. And what’s even better is that now if I make any changes to my bike, I don’t have to take it to the dealer for a dyno. I truly cannot think of enough good things to say about this product.

UPDATE: I installed a Screaming Eagle Heavy Breather back in October and the Cobra dialed the new filter in just like it is designed to. The power increase in sixth gear from 60 to 80 mph is a little more noticable. I really don’t think I can get any more power unless I start spending a lot of money and start upgrading engine parts.

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